Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to test my vehicle?

Air pollution in Ada County has exceeded health standards and federal law requires us to do emissions testing of vehicles in order to keep our air quality within those standards. Vehicle emissions are one of the largest contributors of pollution. When a vehicles emissions control equipment malfunctions, the vehicle can produce 100 times, or more, pollution than it normally does. Identifying these malfunctioning vehicles and requiring them to be repaired significantly reduces vehicle pollution.

What vehicles are required to be tested?
How much does the test cost?
How often is the test required?
What is the test process?
How do I know when to test my vehicle?
Who can test my vehicle?
Do I need my notice card in order to get my test?
My vehicle failed, now what?
What should I do if my "Check Engine" light is on?
How do I qualify for a repair waiver?
Do I need to send any information to you after my test?
My vehicle is a hybrid, but I got a notice. What should I do?
My child has the vehicle away at school, what should I do?
What do I do if a military member has the vehicle away from here?
What happens if I don't test my vehicle?
If I move, do I need to change my address with the AQB?
Why do Ada County and Canyon County have different testing programs?