Rules & Regs Q&A

Question: Are motorcycles exempt?

Answer: Yes, please see Ordinance 374: motorcycles are exempt as defined in Idaho Code 40-114.

Question: Should we add a farm equipment exemption?

Answer: The only vehicle which can currently be covered are farm tractors, which are not required to be registered with ITD. Please direct a customer to the AQB office if an issue on tractors comes up.

Question: Emission testing license , when is the test available?

Answer: Tests for new applicants are currently available.

Question: Emission testing license, why is there an expense to take a test?

Answer: There are costs associated with setting up and proctoring tests. Having the test available on-line should reduce the overall cost to the process.

Question: When is the technician manual available? Is this a new manual?

Answer: The technician manual is not new. The current manual is available.

Our plan is to revisit this manual before the renewal licensing process begins. We will notify station owners when it is available. The new version will closely follow current policy and procedures.

Question: Station and retest station license - what is the difference between a retest station and a repair and retest station? Is the wording correct?

Answer: Great question; we will look into rewording that section.

Question: Why are there fees for stations owners and technicians?

Answer: There are a number of costs which are incurred by the AQB to facilitate individual and group requests. If a station owner relocates, there is a cost to the administrative internal costs. If someone requests a new station license ( please keep in mind this does not apply to current station owners), there is a cost for the signs and paperwork, which need to be covered. This fee was actually lowered from the earlier proposal of $300.00 to $150.00 when we looked at the specific items which need to be purchased. At the base line, if we incur costs for extra services, we pass along the costs specific to the service.

Question: Will there be a separate test for Technicians and Owners?

Answer: Yes, test will be specific to the position.

Question: Can we email information to AQB?

Answer: Yes, email is great.

Question: How will professional behavior be assessed by AQB staff?

Answer: Interesting question, there is not a local definition, which is a good idea. We will look into creating one. Currently we would refer to documentation in the Idaho Codes and other Ethical Standard publications for government representatives in Idaho.

Question: Should a station owner be responsible for their staff's violations?

Answer: Yes

Question: What are the penalties for each violation?

Answer: The penalty will reflect the level of violation. Our goal is to retrain, to keep our services a positive experience. It is not to implement penalties, but to operate without issues. We will retrain; were costs are incurred as with all businesses, the costs will be passed on.

Question: Why are violations discussed in each section?

Answer: It is good for the reader to be aware of penalties if only one subsection is read, so that there is no confusion in the overall content.

Question: Diesel Inspections - there is not appropriate blank for EGR, PDF or non-approved controllers.

Answer: Thank you for the question. We will investigate.

Question: Are non-approved controllers which apply to station owners listed to view?

Answer: Thank you for the question. They are not currently on the website. We will investigate.