Notices Q&A

Will I get a notice in the mail, when my vehicle is due for testing?

Yes, motorists will be sent no less than two notices before the registration is subject to revocation. Motorists will have until the end of the designated month to complete the required emissions test. The final notice will be sent at the end of the 30 day testing period reminding the motorist that they failed to complete emission testing. If they do not complete the test within the next 35 days their vehicle registration will be revoked by Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). All notices will be sent to the address on record with ITD. Make sure ITD has your correct address.

How can I be sure I will be notified when my emissions test is due?

Keep your vehicle registration information up-to-date with Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). State law requires you to notify ITD of any address change within 30 days of relocation. ITD supplies DEQ with the addresses to which emissions test notifications are sent. If your address of record is correct with ITD, notice(s) will be sent to the correct address. If not, notice(s) may be delayed or fail to reach you.

Do I have to wait to get my notice before I have my vehicle tested?

No. You can have your vehicle tested at any time for informational purposes. However, for a test to count towards program compliance, the test may only be conducted up to 30 days prior to the required testing due date.

I received a final notice but not a first. Has my registration been revoked?

Your registration has not been revoked. Since you received your Final Notice, you still have plenty of time to test your vehicle; you have 35 days from the date on the final notice to complete an emissions test. If you fail to comply with either a passing test your registration will be subject to revocation.