Extension Request

Extension Application

IMPORTANT: Vehicles located in an emission testing area outside of Ada County are required to test in that location and do not qualify for an extension. Extensions may be granted up to six months if the conditions specified below are met. In order to be considered for an extension, all required documents must be submitted to AQB. Before the extension expires, the vehicle must be emission tested.

Non-operational or non-driven vehicles which have revoked registrations due to failed or missing emissions test, will be reinstated once the emission test is successfully completed.

Please fill out the application document and send all required documentation to: aqb@emissiontest.org

Required Documentation:

1. Active duty military: current copy of military orders; vehicle owner must match military paperwork.

2. Full time student: current student registration, which overlaps test month.

3. Corporate assignment: employer proof of assignment, reason and length of stay.

4. Business: businesses that are physically located in Ada county but operate vehicles in other areas, which have no testing programs can obtain an extension by submitting a certified letter on company letterhead detailing the location, nature of business, length of stay, and date vehicle will be able to be tested.

No additional waivers or extensions will be granted until the vehicle has been tested or the extension has been re-certified. The extension is good for the time specified from the original testing due date. If an active vehicle emission testing program exists where the vehicle is located, it must be tested in that area and the emission test document must be submitted to AQB.

Extension Application New Address.pdf