Repairs Waiver Request

Repair Waiver Application

Please fill out the application document and send all required documentation to:

Required Documentation:

  • Repair Waiver Application (download form below, fill out, and return),
  • 2 failed emission tests-the initial failing test prior to repairs and a failing test after repairs; with,
  • Readiness Monitors: 1996-2000=two uncleared monitors; 2001+=only one uncleared readiness monitor on; and,
  • $300 in emission related repair receipts

Detailed Information:

  • Repairs must be directly related to the cause of the test failure.
  • If a vehicle which has had its emissions system tampered with (parts missing or intentionally defeated), it will not be granted a waiver until the emissions equipment has been made fully functional. If, after repairing the tampered emissions equipment, the vehicle requires further repairs, to be brought within emissions standards, the cost required to repair the emissions equipment can be considered for waiving further repairs.
  • Any available warranty coverage shall be used to obtain needed repairs before any expenditures can be counted.
  • Qualifying repairs must be done by a recognized repair business, which can be verified by using a business entity name search on the Idaho Secretary of State’s “Business Search” website:
  • Labor costs can only be considered toward the repair waiver qualification from a recognized repair business. The cost of parts (not labor) used by non-technicians (e.g. vehicle owners) may be allowed to apply toward the minimum expenditure.
  • The costs for repair or replacement of any of the following emissions control components may be counted toward the $300 minimum expenditure for qualified repairs:
    • A one-time diagnostic cost (up to $71)
    • Air pump
    • Thermal reactor
    • Distributor
    • EGR valve
    • Ignition wires
    • Fuel filler cap
    • Coil
    • Evaporation canister
    • Spark plugs
    • PCV valve
    • Oxygen sensor
    • The cost of hoses, gaskets, belts, clamps, brackets or other accessories directly associated with these components.
Repair Waiver New letterhead.pdf